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Westcarb's IT Solutions & Services Division has two vital sub-groups that include a Specialized Services Group and a Consumable/Repairable Products Group. WCE utilizes strategic partnerships, such as SMA Microsystems, to provide value to our customers by offering"world class" solutions at competitive pricingand doingthe job right the first time.

Mobile Technology Staging& Integration

·                                 Hardware and Software Procurement 

·                                 Computer Systems Design Services

·                                 Staging, Integration and Configuration 

·                                 Imagingand Asset Tagging 

·                                 Online Shipping, Receiving 

·                                 Rollouts, Deployment and Installation 

·                                 Rapid Deployment 

·                                 Custom Packagingand Delivery 

·                                 Real Time - Web-Enabled Project TrackingTools

Connectivity, Cabling& Telecom Solutions

·                                 Voice and Data CablingInfrastructure (DataCenters, Structured Wiring, Custom Design Build) 

·                                 Networkingand voice electronic devices 

·                                 EnterpriseCablingSolutions 

·                                 Videoconferencing: end stations and bridges

·                                 Wireless Solutions (Single or Buildingto Buildingand LAN to LAN )

·                                 BuildingStructured Wiring 

·                                 Paging, and Sound MaskingSolutions

Maintenance, Support & Asset Disposition 

·                                 Logistics / Supply Chain Management 

·                                 On-Site Desk-Side Support 

·                                 Data backup and Recovery 

·                                 Warranty Extensions and Upgrades

·                                 Training 

·                                 IMAC Coordination 

·                                 Schedule Preventive Maintenance

·                                 Management Reporting(SLA's, Parts, etc)

·                                 SME Staff Augmentation 

·                                 Asset Disposition and Refurbishment 

Security and Web HostingSolutions 

·                                 Gap Assessment

·                                 Penetration Testing 

·                                 Risk Management Compliance (SOX, HIPAA, etc)

·                                 Security Information Event Management 

·                                 Managed Forensic Security

·                                 Cyber Security

·                                 Hostingfor Test and Development Environments

·                                 Managed Collocation 

·                                 Website Hosting